New York Log Book Violation Attorney

Under New York Transportation Law, every CDL driver must carry a logbook showing the day and hour when and the place where he went and was released from duty, whether in New York State or outside the state. This Log Book requirement is motivated by safety and is one of the stricter requirements in the nation. Failure to maintain a logbook and falsifying a logbook are misdemeanors under NY Transportation Law Section 213. Not only would a conviction lead to a criminal record, it could also lead to increased insurance premiums, court fines, loss of job, and even up to six months in jail per statute. Failure to answer a log book violation ticket could even lead to a suspension of CDL privileges. In recent years there seems to be more logbook and similar trucking tickets issued in New York and this office has seen that increase firsthand. Truckers driving in New York must be vigilant to make sure they are in compliance with New York’s Transportation Law requirements.

John has experience handling log book violations throughout New York. Even though the charge is a misdemeanor many courts will allow an attorney to appear for the accused throughout the proceeding without the defendant having to personally appear in Court. In most instances John is able to negotiate a reduction with the idea being to have the charge reduced to a non-criminal infraction with emphasis on protecting the client’s driving record and insurance rates. John is an experienced New York traffic attorney and has handled log book violations at many courts throughout the state. John also handles other related trucking tickets under NY’s Transportation Law. Feel free to contact John regarding your trucking or logbook violation ticket for a free consultation.