New York UPM and Marijuana Attorney  

New York UPM Attorney

John also handles matters for Unlawful Possession of Marijuana (also referred to as Marihuana)  – NY Penal Law Section 221.05.  Unlawful Possession of Marijuana (UPM) citations are often issued in conjunction with speeding tickets or other traffic matters issued as a result of a vehicle or traffic stop.

Why not plead guilty?

Although the financial penalties for UPM offenses are fairly minimal with a fine and surcharge of around $225 total, a UPM conviction could have an effect upon future student financial aid for college or even job status if as some employers require that these sort of convictions be disclosed.

How can we fight the UPM charge?

There are several legal grounds to challenge a UPM matter.  Perhaps the most common is New York is an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal (ACOD).  Upon the meeting of five separate qualifications a New York Court must agree to this section which effectively dismisses the UPM charge after six months and also seals the record of the incident.

Even if you do not meet one of the five criteria for a dismissal via ACOD, there are other legal grounds to challenge a UPM case such as the legal basis for the stop or even making the Prosecuting produce the correct lab test at trial.  The latter can be time consuming and costly for the Prosecution thus may lead to a likelihood of a plea bargain entailing a dismissal of the charge.

What Should I do after I get a UPM Citation?

You should consider contacting a UPM Attorney such as John to assist you in handling your UPM and getting a favorable outcome to keep your record clean.

John also handles misdemeanor and felony marijuana possession charges.  As a former Public Defender in the Capital District area, John handled a high volume of marijuana cases and is experienced at the trial level.  Contact John for a free consultation.