New York Mobile Phone Violation Attorney

Prior to 2011, Mobile Phone Violations in New York (Section 1225C2A) were fairly minor tickets with no points, no potential insurance ramifications, and simply a fine and surcharge. That changed in early 2011 when the Mobile Phone offense was changed by the New York Legislature to carry two points. Now, as of June 1, 2013, the penalties for Mobile Phone Infractions have been increased once again and the offense now carries five points upon conviction. For those reasons there is certainly a lot of sense to challenge mobile phone tickets. If you have received a Mobile Phone Violation contact John for a free consultation and he can give you an idea of what he would expect to do for you along with a price quote for legal services.  Any offense involving a mobile phone while driving now carries five points.  As of 2015, the most common offenses that John sees charged in reference with this section are using a GPS Device in a Mobile Phone While driving and Texting While Driving. In most instances John is able to work out a reduction on your ticket without you having to appear in Court.